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      Alade Emmanuel

      Adedamola Adetayo wrote:
      Obafemi Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello shared the same ideas about Nigeria in the period leading to Independence:
      1. They both wanted completely autonomous regions of North for Northerners, West for Westerners and East for Easterners. Nnamdi Azikiwe accused them of tribalism. He claimed that he wanted ‘One Nigeria’, but what he wanted was a Nigeria where Easterners could be EVERYWHERE to DOMINATE.
      2. Both Awolowo and Bello requested for Secession Clause in the Constitution so that any region which didn’t feel good with the union could easily pull out. But Azikiwe ran to UK to tell the Colonial Masters that Awo and Bello were Anarchists. Zik insisted that there should NOT be such a clause and that Nigeria MUST be ONE INDIVISIBLE Country.
      3. The two great men (Awolowo and Bello) preferred to be stationed in the headquarters of their regions: Bello sat in Kaduna developing his Region and his People, executing a lot of landmark projects. Very few Northerners had any desire to leave the Northern Region. Awolowo also sat in Ibadan developing his Region and his People, executing a lot of landmark projects. Very few Westerners had any desire to leave the Western Region.
      4. Azikiwe refused to sit in Enugu. He was running between Lagos and Ibadan, teaching Yoruba Leaders how to be ‘Great Nationalists’ and ‘Detrablized Nigerians’. For this, Zik abandoned his Eastern Region and People; he executed virtually no useful projects in the East. His greatest achievement was bringing his people to Lagos.
      5. The result was that his people took over the NCNC which was formed by the Yoruba people of Lagos. And Zik would use NCNC to fill and to occupy the civil service of the Municipal Councils of Lagos and Ibadan with his Igbo People. He would use the influence of that same NCNC to secure the Vice-Chacellorship of UI and UNILAG for his Igbo Kinsmen. He used the influence of NCNC to take over half of Tafawa Balewa’s government where his Igbo Kinsmen virtually filled the entire cabinet.
      6. For good reasons Obafemi Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello were not too anxious for the 1st October 1960 date for independence. They felt that their regions and their people were not fully ready. They did not even have men in the Armed Forces. But Nnamdi Azikiwe, for obvious domineering reasons, was in a blazing hurry for Independence to be granted even before 1960.
      7. And why not? Aguiyi-Ironsi, his Kinsman was the Commander of the Army. Plus more than half of the Commissioned Officers of the Army were his kinsmen. The Federal civil service was filled with his kinsmen. The civil service of Northern Nigeria had an overwhelming presence of his kinsmen before Bello’s vision of Northernization trimmed it down. The Western Region civil service had plenty of Zik’s kinsmen. They were everywhere.
      8. But you could hardly find a single Non-Eastener in the Civil Service of Eastern Nigeria. That in a sense was Azikiwe’s PERFECT NIGERIA: a Nigeria dominated by his kinsmen home and away! He wanted Independence in a hurry so that his people who already had a headstart could finally accomplish their domination agenda.
      9. Yet even this was not enough. In the end, Zik’s kinsmen in the Army would, on 15th Jan 1966, execute a mutinous coup in which the Leaders of Northern, Western and Mid-Western regions were gruesomely killed in cold blood. Ironically -and BY NO MEANS a coincidence- not a single Igbo Leader was killed. This a fulfilment of Zik’s idea of ‘nationalism’. It is this same Zikist idea that is gradually rearing its head again.
      10. The new ZIK is now OBI. Obi cannot even go to his village, State or zone because of INSECURITY but he is teaching his kinsmen how to be secure in Lagos. In his ANAMBRA you cannot find an Abia man in their civil service but Obi will come to Ogun State where there are many of his kinsmen even on LEVEL 16, to teach the concept of “One Nigeria”!
      11. A Catholic-Obi who COULD not tolerate NON-CATHOLIC CHRISTIANs let alone Muslima in Anambra when he was Governor, is the one now in Tinubu’s detribalized Lagos pretending to teach the Yorubas tolerance and accommodation. This is the Obi that is now trying to teach religious tolerance to a Muslim Tinubu who has not only mentored christians but has been peacefully married to a Pastor wife for decades.
      12. So now they are wrapping up a Trojan horse again for you especially the South Westerners, as the ‘messiah’! An Obi who could not save the people of Agulu his village, is now the one to liberate you from your own kinsmen. And some fools among us with no sense of history are falling for it! Because your father did not teach you history and you will rather spend your time on Music, Sex, Alcohol and Drugs, you are available to be bamboozled, cajoled, deceived or otherwise blackmailed into their EVIL AGENDA which is essentially a ZIONIST PLAN TO OVER RUN THE SOUTH WEST.
      13. You are taking for ‘allies’ fellow youths of Eastern extraction whose fathers and mothers had fed with LIES AND HATRED EVEN FROM THEIR PRENATAL BEGINNING IN THE WOMB.
      These are the people you are dealing with. Beware of them! Beware the new Zik!
      ©️ Adeyemo Adewale

      “Eni a wi fun Oba je o gbo”; “aja ti o ma sonu ki gbo fere olode”; “Yoruba sora e di bolu fun Ibo gba”; “ti omode ba subu a wo iwaju, ti agba ba subu a wo eyin wo”. Eyin enia mi e ronu o.

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