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      Alade Emmanuel

      Bathroom falls are often fatal. Consider these safety tips and add more in the comments section for the benefit of all.

      1. For the elderly or those with difficulty sitting down, install elevated toilet seats.

      2. Again for the elderly, a shower chair is very important.

      3. Install grab bars around the shower, tub and toilet seat. Make sure they are securely bolted. A natural human reaction while falling is to attempt to grab something for support and balance. A grab bar could save a life.

      4. Wear bathroom slippers with non slip soles

      5. Install a non slip bath mat.

      6. Pay attention to the choice of floor tile in your bathroom. Avoid those with extremely smooth surfaces.

      7. Stop alcohol intake.

      8. Ensure your bathroom floor is always properly cleaned and free from soap residue which could be very slippery.

      9. While drying yourself with towel, bend at the knees instead of the waist. Avoid standing on one leg to wipe the other.

      10. Keep toothpaste, brush and other essentials within arm’s reach.

      11. Do not rush to use the toilet after getting up from sleep. Allow yourself a minute or two to regain full consciousness.

      12. Keep your phone at the entrance to the bathroom just by the door. You may consider leaving bathroom door open when alone in the house. You might be in a position after a fall to attempt an emergency call.

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