10 Sure Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

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      1. Work on Yourself First

      Don’t forget yourself. Make it a point to work on self-discovery. know enough about your preferences, likes, dislikes, strength and weaknesses. Understand your personality.

      2. Express Your Love

      Your partner does not know your mind. He or she cannot easily assume. Don’t think only your good actions will show that you love her. Express love towards your spouse even in their absence. Sincerely tell her you love her.

      3. Forgive Each Other

      You’ll make mistakes, they’ll make mistakes. None of you is an angelThe key to your marital success is to keep on forgiving each other.

      4. Appreciate Your Spouse

      Your partner is not a devil. Instead of focusing on only what your partner does wrong, focus on the good part. Appreciate the good aspects of your partner. Your marriage will be much easier. Keep looking for the best in your spouse.

      5. Spend Time With Each Other

      You and your partner need time together in order to grow strong. Go out together for outings and weekend activities. It would help if you had a lot of quality time together

      6. Negotiate Your Differences

      Conflict is natural, and a normal part of any good relationship. Working out problems in a relationship starts with understanding your compatibilities and incompatibilities. Try to look at issues from your partner’s perspective too.

      7. Show Respect and Good Manner

      Respect is reciprocal. When couples fail to respect each other, they damage their own reputation and relationship. Treat your partner like you would like to be treated.

      8. Make Your Home A Haven

      Focus on emotional intimacy. Your marriage should be a sanctuary for your partner. Create that safe space for your partner to share his/her emotions without fear of judgment or ridicule.

      9. Explore and Share Common Interests

      The Prophet (peace be upon him) would race with his beloved wife Aisha. You too can explore and share common interests with your spouse.

      10. Be A Spiritual Union

      Pray together. Seek the blessings of Allah together. Pray together in the congregation, read the Quran together, and spend in charity together.


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